Michele Pane at the conference on Dialect

Michele Pane al convegno sul Dialetto

It took place yesterday afternoon 27 aprile 2019 Decollatura highly successful conference on the dialect entitled At the source of Reventino organized by Literary Park Michele Pane and the Association of Decollatura 'The hocularu Petro.

The main hall of Scientific high school “Costanzo” Decollatura It was fully occupied by so many people interested in the topic and come from many places, also not very close. He introduced the work of Professor Lucia Bonacci, President of the Literary Park Michele Pane who passed the word to Mario Miglierese of 'The hocularu and the manager Scholastic Institute Costanzo Dr. Antonio Caligiuri for the respective greeting interventions.

The President of the Literary Park Lucia Bonacci introduces the works The President of the Literary Park Lucia Bonacci introduces the works
Audience and speakers Public and



Greetings from the Headmaster Antonio Caligiuri

Greetings from the Headmaster Antonio Caligiuri



The greeting Migliarese



The greeting of Mario de Migliarese 'The hocularu

It’ followed immediately after the intervention of the full-bodied prof. John Trumper who has performed in a long series of quotations from his work (and his many collaborators who work with him). We thus learned of the difficulty and hardness of his work of linguist and researcher in the area, with travel and interviews with people from all parts of Calabria and Basilicata, I work necessary for the recent conclusion of the second volume of the Dictionary Calabro, that includes the letters F-O (In the first volume was released for -E in Laterza 2001), and the imminent publication of the third and concluding volume. The work is inspired by the unpublished collection of Don Vincenzo Padula (Acres 1819-1893), parish priest and scholar who pinned the words that gathered in the places he frequented for his activities as a priest, enriched booby basis of the work of other lessicologi. Many voices, He reminded Trumper, are small essays sometimes several pages, whose compilation was long and tiring and if you want to account for what, adds Trumper, you can see the movie The professor and the madman (2019), history (vera) of the realization of’Oxford English Dictionary occurred between the 1879 and the 1928, It operates in 12 volumes and 414.825 voices.

John Trumper during his speech John Trumper during his speech

Listening Trumper have flocked many of his former students dell'Unical, Today graduates in letters or languages,  who in recent years they have claimed the exams with linguistics professor Welsh. They say the professor, recently retired but still in full swing, today the same style than they had in the days of lectures Unical. The Trumper cuff speech was often peppered with jokes on current, from (false) claim of belonging to the culture of the Celts of certain politicians in northern Italy, the political and social situation in Calabria today, passing from the cliché of the subdivision in language areas coinciding with provincial and regional boundaries (false), the legacy left by the many cultures actually we had in Calabria, especially Greek and Roman and osca. The spoken almost coincides with that of Sicily present in Reggio Calabria and the Tyrrhenian coast to the north of the strait city is a direct consequence of the flow of people from Sicily to “continent” took place following the disappearance of entire countries in the quake-tsunami 1908. A lot of the ideas that etymological Trumper launched here and there in his speech of more than an hour, which has invited all the desire to read as soon as his vocabulary Calabro.

After his speech and before my, there was a musical moment with some songs in dialect performed by decollaturese Gianfranco Maruca, Decollatura songwriter for years engaged in the proposition of songs with lyrics in dialect. The sound of his guitar was perfectly in tune with the words, a hymn to the beauty of the place and the hope of a life with greater balance between man and nature. Very interesting his words about the contact he had with native Australians met during one of his trips. the aborigines, said Maruca, We can not say that they have a dialect rather almost not even feel the need to speak as happens in the hectic life of our world; their communication is entrusted more gestures than words, more an innate sensitivity that allows them to perceive the thoughts of, simply standing next to the next and by relating with empathy.

Gianfranco Maruca during his performance Gianfranco Maruca during his performance

Then it was the turn of Mariano Riccio who has read some of the most beautiful poems and well-known Michele Pane: ' U campusantu, ' U focularu and Tora. The choice was more than apt because they are among the most poignant poems of the poet who also have many worthy words to be spoken for their beauty and contribute to their conservation.

Mariano Riccio says Michele Pane Mariano Riccio says Michele Pane

Other musical moment was the exhibition of the musician Francesco Loccisano who performed songs with the guitar swing, the Calabrian identity tool that has proven to be a true connoisseur. The songs are performed of his compositions, very structured in the time and in the alternation of the order rhythms arpeggio finger with the beats of the fist on the instrument.

Loccisano Francesco Loccisano the guitar swing
The intervention of Giuseppe Musolino The intervention of Giuseppe Musolino

My speech has touched the use of dialect in the poetry of Michele Pane. Here is the text:

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Meeting "At the source of Reventino" to Decollatura High School

Convegno “Alla sorgente del Reventino” al Liceo Scientifico di Decollatura

It will be held tomorrow Saturday 27 April at 16,00 at the Decollatura High School the first conference on the dialect of the countries Reventino.

High school



Protagonist will be Prof.. John Trumper, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Calabria, great scholar of dialects and culture Calabrian. His curriculum It is immense and therefore I will bring a few steps from the site Academia (click here for the complete document).

John Basset Trumper has a degree in languages (major languages: Italian and Romanian) pressol'University College London; continued part of his training by staying in questidue countries, especially in Italy, where he returned after graduation. He has been following the appointment of Germanic Philology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Padova from 1976 at 1980 and that of Phonetics at the Faculty of Arts, University of Pavia from 1977 at 1979. Nel 1980 He won a public competition (1^ fascia) of Linguistics and General Linguistics: It is therefore the ordinary 1980 onwards of Linguistics in the Department of Humanities (Faculty of Literature and Philosophy) University of Calabria. He is de jure a member of the Italian Society of Linguistics and member of the Italian Association of Acoustics. As a scholar J. B. Trumper was interested in the following research areas to be derived from its publications: phonetic and phonology; Dialectology Romance and Italian; sociolinguistics; applied linguistics and phonetics judicial; ethnolinguistics; lexicology and lexicography; jargons of craft novels study; historical linguistics.

My contribution will focus on Michele Pane and its relationship with the dialect and then touching general issues about the role of dialect in contemporary society, especially in relation to young people. Look forward to hear Prof.. Trumper that I have not had occasion to know except through Youtube, as in the following link:

It will certainly be an opportunity to deepen the knowledge of our dialect and then, ultimately, our identity.

During the event there will be moments of poetry reading and music playback in theme with the event.

All citizens are invited to participate.

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Conversation on "Tora" in the Literary Park Michele Pane

Conversazione su «Tora» al Parco Letterario Michele Pane

Next 26 August at 17:30 in the seat of Literary Michele Pane Park Viale Don Luigi Costanzo – Adami I will keep a conversation about «Tora», the mythical character of the poem by Michele Pane.

With me there will Lucia Bonacci, President of the Literary Park Carmine De Fazio, Vice president, with whom dialogherò on one of the most beautiful female figures of the poetic world of Pane.


The conversation will focus on the character Tora starting from the verses that have made immortal but also taking care of his real identity as I got to expose in a recent article in the journal "Storicittà». The conversation will start by listening to Michele lines of the poem recited by Domenico Adamo, member of the Literary Park, and, knowing that I'll be guest, I decided that as a tribute to the Literary Park show documents, exceptional and unusual, which so far I had not published, even in my book "Michele Pane. The Life».

Who wants to know that it will have no choice but to come to Literary Park Sunday 26 August 2018, hours 17:30.

Giuseppe Musolino

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Meeting of poets in Platania

Meeting of poets in Platania

Next 6 August in Platania (CZ), at 21:00, will host the event 'Here belong the notes and rhymes of Reventino» organized by the Pro Loco di Pari and from the Literary Park Happy Mastroianni.

L ’ event will take place at the seat of the literary Park and space in front for ’ opportunity closed to traffic. For Decorah there will be involvement of the Literary and Historical Landscape Park of Adami with the reading of poems of the poet Michele Pane and with my presentation to the biographical sketch of the author and poetic.

Reading the poems will be Professor Maria Teresa Lot, We chose the famous My daughter Freedom, and Saverio Bonacci with ‘A tabacchera. These are two of the most famous poems by Michele Pane that represent both the character of identity is the deepest feelings which are the first places in the mind of the Poet ’. It will also be interesting to hear the cries of other poets and some poems in the musical version supervised by the musicians shown in the poster that you can see below.

Giuseppe Musolino


UPDATE: published two videos with the readings of the poems.

This is the filming of part of the readings of Saverio Bonacci and Maria Teresa Lot. Although the video does not reproduce integrally l ’ event (the latter is very short) However, l ’ idea of ’ atmosphere that had been created.



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The tribute to Domenico Dara to Michele Pane.

L’omaggio di Domenico Dara a Michele Pane.

It’ What a pleasant surprise to find Michele Pane protagonist of ’ beginning of the Calabrian writer Domenico book Dara. This is a tribute, as stated by the same author, who has deemed it necessary to do the most famous poet calabrese in the book plays himself as an Italian American who helps an emigrant to write a letter to the family living in Girifalco.

Domenico Dara «Breve trattato sulle coincidenze»

All Dara's book entitled «Short treatise on coincidences» is a tribute to Calabria and calabresità, com ’ is written in a language that makes extensive use of dialectal expressions of Girifalco (but understandable by all the calabrians), choices after meticulous research that required several years of elaboration.

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Novoli 2015: in anticipation of Focara we celebrate the "Festival of vines"!

Novoli 2015: in attesa della Fòcara si celebra  la “Festa delle vigne”!

As readers will know, on this site I posted about focara Novoli (The) Thanks to dell ’ friend Sally Teifreto that passionate volunteer traditions of his home town works to spread the knowledge of this ancient tradition.

In view of the opening of the ’ of focara 2015 sent me this article again after thanking audience for ’ showing attention to Michael bread and his poetry ‘A fòcara.

Novoli (LECCE)

The festa delle vigne"combines the ’ ancient rite for which you place"sarcine” = bundles from the pruning of the vines of the feuds around the Negramaro Park.

I remember that there are short vine, easy to pick up without a hitch, and more firmly anchored to the support called "cippune” = strain that give stripes, from Taming.

trasporto sarmenti

Farmers take them by pulling firmly below the knees, While tiny PAL quick forwards to pile up on the legs, the Veer quickly into perpendicular along the spin. Sitting above them, the tie up and taking the "transverse jailer"the bind incrociandondole and to fasten them vigorously."arms folded”.

The bitter cold does accelerate movements and reached the right amount "the form the sarcina leune"to start the construction of the" Fòcara South East ".

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