On the number 243 of Storicittà newsstands my article on Tora

Sul numero 243 di Storicittà in edicola il mio articolo su Tora

On the number 243 of "Storicittà», from now on newsstands even in Decollatura, there is my article Unveiled the identity of the legendary "Tora" of poetry by Michele Pane ("Storicittà. Magazine of the past ", XXVII Year, n. 243, May – June – July 2018).

No Storicitta 243

In the article you can find news about one of the most beloved characters of poems by Michele Pane, so far shrouded in mystery.

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Michele Pane at ’ EXPO 2015 by Milan

Michele Pane all’EXPO 2015 di Milano

The lag of Reventino participates in these days all EXPO ’, bringing the best products of our country. Michele Pane, by the book «Michele Pane. La vita ' I wrote in 2011, back to attend a massive rally after attending in person at the 1933 Chicago-34 and ’ which I published an extensive report on This page of the site.

Gal Reventino all'EXPO

As you can see from the photos, on the shelf are showcasing foods, as the theme of the EXPO requires ’, but also contributions to the knowledge of the local culture with his poetry, craft activities and landscapes (my book on Michele Pane you see in the bottom shelf left).
Michele Pane can fully represent all this with his stories of the men and women who have populated and literally built from scratch and our countries which hope to preserve the memory for a long time yet.

Il libro Michele Pane. La vita all'EXPO 2015 di Milano.

A big thank you to the President of GAL Reventino Dr. Francesco Esposito for having promoted the initiative ’, Santino Guzzi and all the staff of the lag in Milan for taking these beautiful photographs.

Giuseppe Musolino


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The tribute to Domenico Dara to Michele Pane.

L’omaggio di Domenico Dara a Michele Pane.

It’ What a pleasant surprise to find Michele Pane protagonist of ’ beginning of the Calabrian writer Domenico book Dara. This is a tribute, as stated by the same author, who has deemed it necessary to do the most famous poet calabrese in the book plays himself as an Italian American who helps an emigrant to write a letter to the family living in Girifalco.

Domenico Dara «Breve trattato sulle coincidenze»

All Dara's book entitled «Short treatise on coincidences» is a tribute to Calabria and calabresità, com ’ is written in a language that makes extensive use of dialectal expressions of Girifalco (but understandable by all the calabrians), choices after meticulous research that required several years of elaboration.

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Novoli 2015: in anticipation of Focara we celebrate the "Festival of vines"!

Novoli 2015: in attesa della Fòcara si celebra  la “Festa delle vigne”!

As readers will know, on this site I posted about focara Novoli (The) Thanks to dell ’ friend Sally Teifreto that passionate volunteer traditions of his home town works to spread the knowledge of this ancient tradition.

In view of the opening of the ’ of focara 2015 sent me this article again after thanking audience for ’ showing attention to Michael bread and his poetry ‘A fòcara.

Novoli (LECCE)

The festa delle vigne"combines the ’ ancient rite for which you place"sarcine” = bundles from the pruning of the vines of the feuds around the Negramaro Park.

I remember that there are short vine, easy to pick up without a hitch, and more firmly anchored to the support called "cippune” = strain that give stripes, from Taming.

trasporto sarmenti

Farmers take them by pulling firmly below the knees, While tiny PAL quick forwards to pile up on the legs, the Veer quickly into perpendicular along the spin. Sitting above them, the tie up and taking the "transverse jailer"the bind incrociandondole and to fasten them vigorously."arms folded”.

The bitter cold does accelerate movements and reached the right amount "the form the sarcina leune"to start the construction of the" Fòcara South East ".

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Michele Pane to the Chicago fair 1933-34

Michele Pane alla Fiera di Chicago del 1933-34

The Chicago International Exposition 1933-34 It was a great event. Took place in that city to celebrate the first 100 years of history for which its title was A Century of Pregress.

From an economic point of view it was a monumental undertaking that required heavy investment and the creation of a large company can manage the economic aspect. The official opening took place on 27 may 1933 and its closure was scheduled for the end of October of the same year.

Annuncio dell'inaugurazione della Fiera

Announcement of the opening of the fair

Vista panoramica della Fiera

Panoramic view of the fair

The area of the fair occupied a huge space on the shore of Lake Michigan where they were to be built the villages of dozens of delegations from foreign countries who participated. Among these, Obviously, There was also the Italy. But Italy, in some ways, He had a very important role for the historic flight of the Atlantic Ocean that the General Italo Balbo was intended to make just for the occasion.

It was a propaganda operation and to promote the image that Mussolini wanted to show the world the technical abilities and the power achieved by Italy under his rule.
The Italian Pavilion was designed to convey the two aspects of our country which he annexed importance: the art-historical tradition and technological innovation that the projected towards the future.
From this stems a corner building that recreated a setting between the ruins of Roman columns and the actual Pavilion that will take the form of an airplane to underline the firm B I mentioned above.

Il padiglione italiano

The Italian Pavilion

Il villaggio italiano

The Italian village

During the fair to animate the village were called Italian singers and extras, such as the Four Sisters Monforte We see in a photograph taken during a show:

Le Sorelle Monforte durante un'esibizione al Villaggio Italiano

The sisters Monforte during a performance at the Italian Village

What follows is a movie that shows some moments of the fair:

Chicago fair was an enormous amount of published guides and brochures, some so-called “officers” because it produced and sold by the same company that had arranged the event ’. Here's an example of a guide that was published as early as 1932:

The fair of Chicago was destined to remain open only in that year but later, perhaps to compensate for the huge economic investments that were addressed, It was decided for a reopening in the next 1934. All the pavilions they needed to hire staff for both the construction and maintenance for both the stands and as guides for the public. Michele Pane, which had not been possible to obtain any position in 1933, you gave to do to find a job for his daughter and for himself Freedom. The main partner was the Consul in Chicago that necessarily was the Italian Government for the Organization of the village and the Hall (for details see: G. MUSOLINO, «Michele Pane. La vita ', page 165).
Michael and Freedom gained the coveted jobs: the father in Book Pavilion and daughter nell’Venice Glass Exhibition. Along with Freedom were taken three other Italian American girls: Mary, Mildred Teresa. The Quartet of girls I found a photo taken at the entrance of the Pavilion that depicts traditional costume in Italian (Liberty is the second from the right):

Libertà e le sue amiche all'ingresso del Padiglione Italiano

Liberty and her friends at the entrance of the Italian Pavilion

The girls had a great success among visitors who remained enchanted in front of their charm. Some verses devoted to Jerry four girls of “team”:

To "The Gang" by Jerry

To "The Gang" by Jerry

«Great big Eyes
shiny black hair.
Beauty of its kind
It is always so rare: that
lavish by Penelope»

This says the verse dedicated to her as seen from that preserved Freedom for many years, sign of a period that she had to be very pleasant.
Had exactly twenty years when he worked at the fair and was at the height of her beauty. Italian Pavilion visitors left short messages on an autograph book from colorful pages that Freedom, with the picture and poetry, preserved among his fondest memories. From reading it derives its great success:

Libretto degli autografi

Autograph book





Because these objects preserved Freedom for life? Because that was fair for you a beautiful experience, the official debut in the Chicago company - perhaps his first job - and then because at that fair, among the thousands of visitors who visited the Pavilion, There was a young Italian who was impressed even more and that will be her future husband. It was a young Italian, a lawyer addressing the judiciary career, Oronzo De Paiva. Between the two there arose a certain sympathy, a promise to meet again; then match that will bring freedom to 1937 his legendary journey in Italy and then in 1938, accompanied by her father, its final transfer to Rome where the October 8 married Oronzo.

As regards Michele Pane, We know that it was taken for about three months to work inside the Italian Pavilion at the “Mostra del Libro”. Evidently his literary merits were able to convince the Consul Castruccio to offer him that place. There are pictures of him but the only track that remains is a letterhead envelope that Michele gave Bread to the On. Nicola Serra di Cosenza, During his visit to the exhibition and that has been exposed by prof. Castro last October 2011 during the presentation of our two books at the Liceo Scientifico Decollatura:

mostra libro

Michele Pane always complained about the lack of support which was meted out by the Italian Consul in Chicago, as we read in direct correspondence to the On. Nicola Serra di Cosenza, who visited the fair in 1934.

Il Console italiano a Chicago Giuseppe Castruccio

The Italian Consul in Chicago Giuseppe Castruccio

This is one of the few existing pictures of the ground floor of the Italian Pavilion which probably gave access to the premises that housed the Book Fair:

The Italian Government, come già detto, took advantage of the occasion of the international exhibition in Chicago to make an exhibition of your technological power. The highlight was the so-called "Anniversary cruise» celebrating ten years from Regia Aeronautica and that was to make the transvolata of the ocean with seaplanes aircraft in formation headed by Italo Balbo.

This is the official booklet that outlines the details of the flight:

This is a movie that shows the arrival of planes in Chicago and the enthusiastic crowd. The aircraft departed from the Orbetello 1 July were 25 but one was lost (along with a crew member) upon arrival in Amsterdam, one of the planned trip. Another plane and another man will be lost in the Azores during the flight and then it will return only Orbetello 23.

card card card


The enterprise of 24 seaplanes Savoia-Marchetti SM 55 x training. B that on the Michigan ammararoro 15 July 1933 filled with pride that Chicago Italians were always targeted by the American press as fellow WiseGuys who infested the city. That day, with B as the Christopher Columbus of the 20th century, the Italians were the protagonists of the scene!
The peak was reached in 1934 to celebrate the anniversary of the enterprise: in front of the entrance of the fair was a 2nd century Roman column made specially by sea arrive by the excavations of Ostia Antica and resting on a pedestal containing an inscription extolling the regime and Balbo. It was a task of great propaganda when Americans responded by naming a street Balbo (the Balbo Avenue still exists). The Roman column still stands in its original place, now Burnham Park, Indeed it is the only evidence of the fair 1933-34 remained in Chicago.
In much of the American public circulates a strong misgivings about the appropriateness of a monument in its place at Balbo and extolling the fascist regime, However, the column is still in place.

What follows is the service broadcast by Rai TG1 on 5 August 2013:


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Michele Pane notary

Michele Pane notaio

The biography of Michele Pane says that among the many activities carried out in America there was 'notary public». The finding by the promoters of the fans Literary-Historical Park and landscape of Adami the original document that gives this title gives me the opportunity to touch this topic.

The functions of a Notary Public o Public Notary in English-speaking countries are very different from those that play Latin law countries like Italy.
In those countries the Notary Public It is essentially a public official who can collect affidavits, Verify the identity of those who subscribe to documents, authenticate copies of documents, and so on. Cannot get into the legality of the content of the documents and then either provide the assistance that our country's notaries provide to parties.

It’ clear, therefore, that one should not be law graduates to become Notary Public but have a good reputation and the right knowledge.
Michele Pane, just moved to Chicago, nel 1928 gets the authorization to pursue the activity of "Notary Public" from Illinois Governor Len Small.

Here is the certificate, now exposed in the offices of Literary-Historical Park and landscape of Adami:

Michele Pane notaio pubblico


The following is the translation of the text of the certificate:

testo italiano

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